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Braces for Teens

As if growing up wasn’t difficult enough, you’ve just learned that you need braces. Maybe you’ve been asking your parents for them and it’s finally time to get them!

The great thing about braces is; once they’re off, you will have the beautiful and confident smile you envisioned. It’s getting to that point that seems like the hard part. We, at First Dental are here to put your mind at ease.

Braces are a rite of passage for many people. A common treatment for misaligned and misshapen teeth, braces are pretty popular. The journey through an orthodontic procedure is much easier if you understand how they work and what the techniques are.

You may be concerned about how they will look, although common if this is something that you’re concerned about, ask us for things that you can do to relieve that worry. Whether it’s customer color combinations or different styles, we’re happy to help you overcome your fears! Like we said earlier, it’s all worth it when your treatment is done!

How Long Will You Have Them?

The answer to this question can be difficult. Several factors determine how long you will need braces. These factors can vary:

  • Getting them early – The earlier we can get you into a set of braces the better. Timing is key, if you’re too young you’ll have to wait, but if we can get the procedure done as soon as you’re ready it may take less time to restructure your teeth.
  • What needs to be done – The shape and contortion of your teeth may affect how long it takes to get your braces off. Each person is different, and some have faster success than others. One person may only need 12 months while another needs 24.
  • YOU – Your ability to care for your teeth and follow instructions will determine how long it will take for the braces to work. Neglecting to follow the regimens and eating food that you shouldn’t cause issues which lengthen the time you’ll need the braces. Take good care of your teeth, and they will take care of you!

Customizing Your Braces

We offer various styles and materials to make your braces a little more comfortable and a little more you!

With advances in dentistry, we no longer use the headgear and bulky metal braces (most of the time we don’t). Today you can choose whether you want ceramic, invisible, lingual, or traditional metal braces.

We will review these options with you before it’s time to commit to one. Understanding that you can customize your braces, the no longer hurt like they used to, and most people get them at some point may make it a little easier for you to cope with the treatment.

As trusted dentists, it is our mission to provide you with the best treatment options in dentistry. Feel free to call us for a consultation! We’ll be happy to review all of your options and address any concerns that you may have!

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