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What Are Dental Implants ?

Dental implants are a permanent and appealing solution to replace missing or extracted teeth. They are better than other alternatives like bridges because no additional teeth need to be altered to place the new tooth.

The entire implant process is performed over the course of a few months. The first part of the process is to install the implant itself, where a screw is placed into the jaw bone. An incision is made in the gum so that the implant can be inserted. Multiple implants can be placed at once if necessary. After the implants are placed the gums are sutured.

The implant must be allowed about 3-6 months to heal, and during this time the jaw bone will form around the implant in a process called osseointegration. During this healing time you can have temporary crowns installed so that you can eat and speak normally and maintain a proper aesthetic appearance for your smile.

Dr. Kaas’ Experience

A highly-qualified, experienced, and certified Implantologist, Dr. Kass has more than 20 years of experience in placing dental implants for patients with infected, unstable, or missing teeth. Using safe and the latest dental techniques and equipment, Dr. Kass has helped restore the oral health, smile, and confidence of many patients. At his dental office First Dental Implant Center, Dr. Kass has served communities in the San Fernando Valley for decades and has carried out thousands of affordable dental implants, All on 4® implants, and “fixed teeth in a day” procedures. Continuously invested in dental re-education to apply new techniques, he has earned the confidence and gratitude of many dental patients in treating the most complex cases of dental implants.

Dr. Kass received his Doctorate in Dental Surgery from Marquette University, Milwaukee, one of the oldest and most prestigious dental schools in the country. A recipient of mastership from the International Congress of Oral Implantology, Dr. Kass was awarded Diplomate of Implantology, which is the highest status a dental practitioner is given for a specialty. He is involved in the dental industry and in serving his community, having published several dental research papers. Dr. Kass gives lectures in schools on oral health issues and helps gather funds for countries dealing with disasters. At First Dental Implant Center, Dr. Kass also offers dental services of crowns, bridges, dentures, braces, Invisalign®, veneers, Lumineers, ZOOM! Whitening, extractions, gum disease treatment, bone grafting, root canal and TMJ.

Step-By-Step Dental Implant Placement Process

The first step in placing your dental implants is an initial consultation at First Dental Implant Center where our dentist will go through your dental history, complete a routine oral examination, get 3D CT scans of your mouth to check the degree of gum and bone loss progression, and finally assess if you are a suitable candidate for the dental implant procedure.

Dr. Kass will also determine if you require any one or more of the following procedures before the implant process can begin:

Do you require Bone Grafting?

Do you require Ridge Preservation?

Do you require a Sinus Lift?

Do you require Sinus Augmentation?

Once our dental team completes its thorough evaluation, they schedule your surgical appointment in which small titanium posts are surgically inserted into your gums and jawbone utilizing a local anesthetic. The implants are re-covered and allowed to heal.

For the next few months, the posts gradually fuse to your gum tissue and bone, ensuring a sturdy base on which your permanent replacement teeth are placed. If the dental implants are in a visible part of your mouth – as in the front – our dentist puts a temporary prosthetic while your customized prosthetics are designed.

Following sufficient healing, your personalized prosthetic teeth are attached to the implants utilizing a small abutment. Now you are free to take advantage all the benefits of your new, shiny, and healthy teeth – eat the food you want and smile and interact with confidence for many years to come.

To know how dental implants can be the perfect tooth replacement solution for your dental needs like unstable or missing teeth or tooth, call the First Dental Implant Center at 888-213-0009 for a dental appointment with Dr. Kass who is a well-reputed and qualified Implantologist with more than 20 years of dental know-how in placing implants, All on 4® dental implants, crowns, bridges, and dentures.

Cost of dental implants

Seeking a dentist who offers affordable dental implants is understandable. But if a lower price or the cheapest possible dental implants is your sole objective, be ready to face the possibility of a dentist who, in the name of an attractive offer, may use suspect-quality implant material and place the implants poorly – causing costly discomfort in the future and harming your oral health.

At the First Dental Implant Center, we feel that the best way you can receive affordable and long-lasting dental implants is to get the procedure done by a skilled and dependable dentist so that you never face the prospect of costly and time-consuming surgical corrections due to a badly-executed implant procedure or poor-quality implant material.

In the long-term, the services of a competent dental practice or dentist are the best way to safeguard your dental health. However, while arriving at the cost of the implant procedure, your dentist will consider specific impacting factors and the additional procedures, if any.

Factors That Impact Cost of Dental Implants

Overall and Oral Health

Density Of Your Bones (Jaws)

Location of Tooth or Teeth That Need Replacement

Type of Material Used For Dental Implant

Type of Replacement Tooth Required

Number of Dental Implants

Quality of Procedure And Oral Upkeep Affects Implant Cost Dental implants, if adequately cared, can last for many years, even lifetime. But if they are not appropriately placed or taken care of, implants can cause discomfort and ultimately destroy the remaining bone. In the long run, this deterioration can cost you time and money. So it is vital that you seek a well-qualified, reputed, and experienced dentist with expertise and a good track record in placing dental implants.

Does Insurance Cover Dental Implant Procedure?

Usually, dental implants do not have dental insurance coverage. However, check with your provider and the insurance plan. Typically, replacement teeth are covered by dental insurance but not dental implants. Only your dental insurance provider can tell you if dental implants are covered under your dental plan.

Our dental office has an excellent and longstanding track record of having highly-satisfied patients who owe transformation in their oral health and confidence to successfully-executed dental implants.

To know the cost of the innovative teeth replacement solution of dental implants, please call the First Dental Implant Center at 888-213-0009 for your dental consultation with Dr. Kass who is a highly-qualified Implantologist with over 20 years in the dental industry and in placing affordable dental implants using the best possible implant material.

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