Our Office

Our Office

The doctors at First Dental Implant Center have been part of a heritage of clinical excellence in the San Fernando Valley since 1970. At the same time they bring with them a wealth of experience from all over the world. They are:

If you call, the phone is likely to be answered by either Gabby and Fanie.

Gupreet, who is the patient coordinator, specializes in dealing with health insurance and billing.


They have dedicated their careers to providing patients with the best that dentistry has to offer. They are continually updating their knowledge in the science of dentistry, and their concept of specific smile designs is unique, and affordable.

Administrative, nursing and technical staff

The administrative, nursing and technical staff at First Dental Implant Center are expert at guiding you through that complex maze of health insurance, proving the best quality medical support and of course making you most welcome and relaxed.

Arpy Charnabroda, Dental Hygienist

Dora Andrade will greet you with a gourmet coffee, a cool bottled water, or a soda of your choice.