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Sleep Apnea

Sleep issues are common, the inability to sleep or stay asleep is prominent and can affect anyone. What may surprise you is that some of these disorders can be attributed to dental problems.

As sleep apnea interrupts your rest it’s never too late to explore your options. Whether you feel like you are not getting enough rest, or you are snoring often, understanding how airway obstruction is affecting you is the key to solving an abundance of other issues.

If you are having sleep-related issues and have yet to find relief, First Dental Implant Center is ready to help! Finding relief from sleep-related problems can be difficult. If you are having trouble getting answers to health problems and Apnea we are here for you.

What Causes Sleep Apnea

As you sleep and your muscles relax your tongue may block airwaves and cause snoring and other issues. Although uncomfortable, this blockage is not altogether worrisome. When the blockage becomes more prevalent and you are unable to breathe, sleep apnea may occur.

In more severe cases, you may notice that you are not waking up feeling rested after a full night’s sleep. A blockage that severely limits airflow can happen several times during your sleep. Disrupting breathing from a few seconds to more than a minute; obstructive sleep apnea can lead to more severe health problems.

These problems vary but can be linked to:

  • Issues with the heart such as Arrhythmia, Hypertension, and Heartburn
  • Neurological issues such as headaches and even stroke
  • Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease (GERD)
  • Impotence & Reduced Libido
  • Diabetes & emotional issues such as irritability and Depression

There are options for consultations to determine if these issues may be caused by sleep problems related to dental health. Contact ***Insert Clinic*** to see what options we have available for you.

The Treatment

Once our consultation determines that the issue is caused by obstructions, we can determine a treatment plan for you.

It is our goal to get you healthy, comfortable, and confident in your care. Based on our determination of your oral health there are actions that we can take. Diminishing your obstructive sleep apnea will begin with customizing a device to fit your mouth. As every person is different and has unique needs, we will help you to find the best option.

A device that holds your lower jaw in a forward position will elongate your mouth allowing more room for oxygen to travel in your airways. Managing the way that your tongue and throat align will stop the blockage of your airway.

Using a custom-designed oral device successfully to stop your inability to get rest while also preventing unnecessary surgery or medication. By reducing the underlying factors of related health issues, you will begin to feel better.

The specialists at First Dental Implant can determine whether a custom device is right for you. Contact us, we’ll be happy to provide much-needed answers during one of our consultations.

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