Before & After Photos

Before & After Photos

Before and After Photos

Fixed teeth over implants. @ Exclusive Dr. Kass. First Dental Implant Center

Full mouth fixed Implant Treatment

9am Accident and tooth fracture
10am Immediate implant and temp
Emergency Dental Appointment (Same Day Treatment)


All on 4 Upper and Lower

Zirconium fixed hybrid

Fixed teeth over implants. Full mouth reconstruction @ Dr. Kass – May 2016

One piece Zirconium teeth are screwed into the titanium bar and implants. Roof of the mouth remains completely free.

Before . CAD-CAM computer assisted design of fixed teeth. After. Sept. 2015

Case 1. May 2014. CAD-CAM computer assisted teeth replacement. @ Dr. Kass

Case 2. Computer assisted teeth replacement all on 6 . December 2013 @ Dr. Kass

Case 3. Implant treatment with computer assisted Cad-Cam design for maximum precision.

Case 4. Computer Cad-Cam assisted teeth replacement all on 6 implants

Cad-Cam showing teeth connection to Implants

Lower face lift with dental treatment

Lower face lift with dental treatment

Implant and veneers

Implant and veneers

Over Implant Denture

Implants and full mouth reconstruction


Before: Severe Infection | After: Dental Implant plus Laser Gum treatment

Before: Failed mouth | After: Teeth in one day over Implants

Over Implant teeth

After Veneers

Implant and Veneers


Lower Surgery

Lip Positioning to Get Rid of Gummy Smile

Post Op Facial

Post Op Facial


Grace G.

Pre-Op Failed Root Canal

Final restoration


*Exclusive of Dr. Kass, Actual patients