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Receive Precise And Comfortable Root Canal Treatment

Root canal therapy treatment or root canal therapy is a standard dental procedure. It is carried out to preserve an infected or badly damaged tooth instead of taking it out, and at the First Dental Implant Center, we complete the painless procedure in an hour.

At the dental office, Dr. Kass and his dental team and staff handle all the root canal cases. They are well-experienced and qualified in the procedure, and use the latest rotary technology to ensure efficient, comfortable, and precise treatment.

What’s Root Canal and Root Canal Procedure?

The phrase ‘root canal’ is derived from the cleaning of the canals (which are pulp-filled cavities) inside a tooth’s root. Repeated dental treatment for a tooth, trauma to tooth, a deep cavity, or a cracked tooth are some of the common reasons why a tooth’s pulp may be affected – requiring root canal treatment.

During the root canal treatment procedure, only the infected pulp is removed from the root canal, and the tooth’s inside is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected. It is then sealed with a rubber-like substance. While the root of the tooth is dead, it can still function as the surrounding tissues nourish it. Your dentist will usually position a crown on the treated tooth to safeguard it after the procedure.

The root canal procedure saves your tooth and enables you to maintain proper biting and chewing forces and keeps adjacent teeth in a stable position.

Single-Visit And Cutting-Edge Root Canal Treatment

At the First Dental Implant Center, our dental team carries out the root canal treatment procedure in one sitting. They use the latest dental technology to ensure that the canal is thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, and the dental procedure ticks all the boxes.

Electric Rotary Instrument

Our dentist utilizes electric rotary instruments to cleanse the pulp out of the canal. These electric instruments are more efficient and precise compared to traditional hand files.

Dental Microscope

A dental microscope is used to closely view areas in your mouth that can’t be seen in an X-ray and is usually utilized by our endodontist for complex dental procedures.

The microscope offers sufficient magnification to help the dentist view the interior of the tooth in detail and treat the detected issues with precision. This dental equipment also enables the dentist to immediately take the next step in the procedure: top the tooth with a restoration and not wait for the tooth to heal. The microscope allows the dentist to be certain that the tooth was treated successfully and that there were no potential complications.

The outcome is efficient, and the treatment comprehensive with negligible to no postoperative discomfort or the need for pain medication or antibiotics following the procedure. 

How To Know If I Need Root Canal Therapy

An infected tooth’s pulp can often cause a toothache and probably an abscess. While some patients don’t feel the accompanying pain, continuing pain is a clear-cut symptom. If you observe any of the signs and symptoms mentioned below, contact your dentist to receive immediate treatment before your oral health worsens.

  • Discolored tooth
  • The bottom of the root is tender
  • Act of biting hurts the tooth
  • There’s swelling around the region around your gum line
  • Pimple or an abscess near the tooth
  • Unexpected pain that has no apparent trigger
  • Lasting extreme sensitivity to cold and heat following exposure to a cold or hot stimulus

In case you have any of the above symptoms, please call us at 888-213-0009. and schedule an initial dental consultation with Dr. Kass at the First Dental Implant Center. Dr. Kass is a highly experienced and qualified Implantologist, and he and his team of dentists and competent staff have carried out many root canal procedures with excellent results.

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