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Cost Of Dental Implants

Cost of Dental Implants in Los Angeles. The cost of dental implants in Los Angeles CA ranges from $1200 to $1800. There are extra charges of $900 to $1400 for the abutment and crown for an average total cost of $2100 to $3200.

Is Spending Money On Dental Implants Worth it?

Paying hard-earned money on dental implants to replace your teeth and restore your smile can’t be a casual decision. It requires your attention and consideration of all the crucial factors. It’s a significant investment but can offer lifetime benefits, including a brand new confident smile, and fully-functional and healthy teeth.

After factors such as type of material, location of the tooth, and need for preliminary dental procedures before placement are considered, the cost of single tooth replacement can range between $2,100 and $3,200. However, against this one-time cost, you get a new set of healthy teeth that can last you a lifetime. To make sure that spending on implants pays, patients should seek only a well-qualified and reputed dentist.

Don’t Decide Based On Initial Cost

Understandably, patients seek budget-friendly dental implant options, but if the price is the only deciding factor, it may not serve your purpose. The cheapest dental implant option may involve a dentist utilizing poor-quality implant material. Or a dental practitioner not qualified, certified, or experienced performing a complex dental implant procedure.

And if suspect quality implants are improperly placed, they can cause damage and affect your oral health — a consequence for which you will have to invest more money and time for corrections, along with managing the added stress.

Factors That Affect The Cost Of Dental Implants

Required number of dental implants

The type of material of the implant

Density of the bone

The kind of replacement tooth required

The location of the teeth or tooth to be replaced

Oral and general health


Dental Implants

Traditional dental implants comprise of small titanium posts, which are surgically inserted directly into a patient’s tooth root and replace the extracted or missing teeth. Implants lay a durable foundation beneath your gum line. With the new and healthy base ready, your dentist places removable or permanent prosthetic teeth, tooth, or bridge. After the placement of the dental implant, you receive brand new healthy, long-lasting, and natural-appearing teeth, get back the complete dental function of your teeth and gums and begin to smile and interact with confidence again.

Three Kinds Of Dental Implants:

 Root Implant
 Plate Form Implant
 Subperiosteal Implant

Root Implants

Root dental implants are the most popular and effective type of implants as they mirror the size and shape of a patient’s natural tooth. A root implant is usually as strong as an original healthy tooth. This implant or artificial root is inserted into the jawbone utilizing local anesthesia and allowed time to heal and integrate with the bone.

When the healing process is complete, the dental implant is integrated with the jawbone. Then you are needed to schedule a follow up dental appointment during which our dentist fits the implant with a brand new tooth. The entire procedure can take between three to eight months for completion.

Plate Form Implant

It is used in a situation in which the patient’s jawbone is not sufficiently wide to adequately support a root implant. Thin and long, the plate form implant anchors into thin jawbones. The cosmetic dentist at First Dental Implant Center inserts the implant in the same way as the root implant. Sometimes, the dentist does not wait for the healing to be completed and fits the plate form implant with the restoration tooth immediately.

Subperiosteal Implants

Subperiosteal dental implants are utilized when a patient’s jawbone has receded to such an extent that it can’t support an implant.

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Benefits Of Dental Implants

Dental implants are the most technologically-advanced, safe, and long-lasting teeth replacement solution. Designed to feel and appear like natural teeth, they don’t fall out and give you the confidence to eat, talk, and smile with confidence. Implants offer ‘survival rates,’ which are improving continually. They preserve a patient’s jaw bone, restore the jawbone structure, reduce the workload on your remaining oral structure, and help maintain your facial appearance:


  • A dental bridge can last for about 10 years, but you may never have to change your dental implants while you alive. The implant, with titanium material, fuses with your jawbone. It’s non-toxic, and your body does not reject it – making it a highly dependable replacement tooth.


  • Dental implants feel and appear like your natural teeth. And as they are made to fuse with bone, implants become permanent. You can say goodbye to being self-conscious due to your missing or failing teeth.


    • Your adjacent teeth can shift crookedly towards the gap caused by a missing tooth. This may affect the position of your teeth. The out-of-position teeth can impact your ability to chew and bite and your appearance. It can make future teeth replacement difficult. A poor bite can trigger issues with your TMJ (temporomandibular joint) and may cause headaches and pain.


      • Bone loss due to missing teeth can result in facial sagging. As the lower third of your face begins to collapse, it gradually closes the distance between the chin and the tip of your nose. Other changes include thinning lips, additional wrinkles around the mouth, and a more pointed chin – causing you to appear older than your actual age.
      • If there’s no tooth, your jaw bone in the empty space can deteriorate owing to no stimulation. If you don’t get an implant placed within the first year of tooth loss, there can be bone area losses of 25%, and bone loss may continue over time.
      • If you have badly-fitted dentures, your teeth can slip within the mouth and cause you to slur or mumble your words, which can be embarrassing. However, dental implants enable you to speak without worrying about teeth that may slip.


Obtain Your Affordable Dental Implants And Healthy New Teeth In One Day

Don’t linger for weeks or months to get your new full set of healthy teeth. Sign up for Dr. Kaar’s same day procedure ‘Immediate Function,’ which he has developed using his industry know-how. The procedure requires 24 hours or less and is a safe and affordable way to receive the complete set of fully-functional teeth, which you can use just like your natural teeth. Make use of Dr. Kass’ sharpened skills and experience in using the most advanced dental equipment so that your affordable dental implants enable you to have a bright smile in a single day.

Secure the smile and confidence you aspire by calling or filling out the form to set up your initial dental consultation.

Dental Implants And Its Benefits

While long-term peace of mind is one of its significant benefits, the innovative and highly-efficient teeth restoration dental solution of dental implants has other advantages such as:

Improved Appearance

Dental implants lay a solid foundation for customized prosthetic teeth, which feel and look like your natural teeth and are tailored, keeping in mind the distinct shape, color, and size of your teeth and smile. The final result of implant placement is a permanent set of attractive and healthy teeth.

Implants Are Long-Lasting

Implants are a lasting tooth replacement dental solution. And with adequate care, like regular dental checks and daily teeth brushing and flossing, they can last a lifetime.

Offer Greater Convenience

When you wear removable dentures, you are required to avoid certain foods, constantly adjust and fit, soak them overnight, and apply messy adhesives. Whereas dental implants are a long-term tooth replacement solution, and as dental prosthetic don’t need special care and instructions. All you need to do is care for them as you did for your natural teeth.

Enhanced Oral Health

Apart from improving one’s dental function and facial appearance, dental implants actually stop the advancement of tissue deterioration and gum disease by stimulating the bone and gum tissue underneath your gum line.

How Are Dental Implants Placed?

The process begins with scheduling an initial dental consultation with Dr. Kass at the First Dental Implant Center. Dr. Kass and his dental team will assess your dental history, carry out a routine oral exam, and get 3D CT scans of your mouth to analyze the extent of gum and bone loss, and see if you are a fit candidate for the implant procedure.

If you qualify as a candidate, our dental office will schedule your surgical appointment. During this procedure, Dr. Kass will surgically implant small titanium posts directly into your gums and jawbone using a local anesthetic, cover the area, and allow time for healing.

In the next few months, the titanium posts will slowly fuse to the bone and gum tissue, and provide a sturdy foundation on which your dentist will place the permanent teeth.

If the dental implants are placed in an observable area in the mouth, like in the front, your dentist will place a temporary prosthetic in the interim while your customized prosthetics are made.

After the implants bond with the gums and bone, the personalized prosthetic teeth are attached to the implants utilizing a small abutment. Now the implant procedure is complete, and you are ready to enjoy all the benefits of your new teeth permanently.

If you have missing or failing teeth, dental implants are a dependable and efficient teeth replacement solution – be it for a single tooth or the full set of teeth. To find out if you are a suitable candidate for dental implants, please call the First Dental Implant Center at 888-213-0009, and schedule a consultation with Dr. Kass and his team of experienced and certified dentists and staff to discuss how implants can resolve your dental issues.

Dr. Kass is a highly-qualified Implantologist and has over 20 years of experience in placing dental implants. He and his dental team also provide dental services such as All-on-4® implants, Teeth In A Day, braces, bridges, crowns, Invisalign®, dentures, and Inlays and Onlays.

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