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Periodontal Plastic Surgery

Fixing the “Gummy” Smile

If you have healthy teeth but do not enjoy the look of your smile First Dental Implant Center does have options for you! A smile that doesn’t give you confidence or keeps you from smiling in photos is one that can be corrected.

A gummy smile is one that shows a wider landscape of gum. With proper periodontal procedures, this can be corrected to give you the look you desire. Known as “Crown Lengthening” this restorative procedure allows you to eat, smile, and speak with self-confidence.

This surgical operation removes the excess gum and bone tissue that covers your teeth. A surgery that is often done before a dental crown procedure. With proper techniques and knowledge this same procedure can be used for cosmetic reasons.

While researching your options for any crown lengthening procedures it is important that you find a Board-Certified Periodontist who understands gum disease and restorative dental operations and techniques.

When Do We Use Crown Lengthening?

For some, we use this procedure when the gum line does not allow enough room for proper placement of crowns. If not done before crowns are placed, they will not fit correctly and can cause irritation and pain.

If you have decayed or broken teeth that go above the gum line, a dental crown is used to repair damage and prevent further issues. We have learned to use this to correct a gummy smile as well. Crown Lengthening is used to expose more of the tooth leading to a fuller more confident smile.

The Procedure

This routine surgical procedure is one that is performed often and solves a variety of dental needs. It can be performed on one tooth or several depending on your needs. Fortunately, this simple procedure can be done using a local anesthetic. For those with fear or reservations about the procedure we can use a more powerful sedative to ensure maximum comfort. Your options will be discussed with your dentist before the operation.

There is often little to no pain or discomfort during the crown lengthening operation. Using proper anesthesia techniques, you won’t feel the dentist reshaping the gum and bone tissue that has been masking your beautiful smile.

Incisions will be made to expose more of the tooth, once the operation is complete, your dentist will use sutures to close the wounds and allow for proper healing.

As with many operations, there may be mild discomfort and tenderness within the days following your appointment. To better assist in your recovery and decrease your downtime, Dr. Hilario may prescribe medications to reduce pain. You will likely also be prescribed antibiotics to prevent infection.

Your recovery time is usually minimal. Within one day after your surgery you will can resume your normal activities. Getting you back to your responsibilities with a more confident smile, there’s no reason to wait.

It is our goal to help you achieve the healthy smile that you achieve. Your comfort and ability to have procedures done with minimal pain is our goal. If you have a gummy smile contact us!

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