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Treating Periodontal Disease

Understanding the treatment of Gum Disease is much like understanding any other disease. Prevention is key. Identifying risk factors and taking the right steps to prevent further decay is exactly what we do for you! At First Dental Implant Center it is our mission to bring healthy and happy smiles to people just like you!

The health of your mouth doesn’t just affect your teeth. Untreated Periodontal Disease will infect the bone under the gum line and can lead to other, more severe medical issues. Whether you understand the risks or you’re wondering if this is affecting you, our Specialist Dr. Micael A. Hilario has options!

Understanding the risks associated with Dental Care and treatment is the first step to ensuring you have to healthy vibrant smile that you deserve. Each person has different needs and expectations for their care, and we specialize in making sure that you receive the right treatment!

What is Periodontal Disease?

The gum disease known as Periodontal Disease is characterized by inflammation and irritation in the gums. Due to plaque build-up, your gums will become inflamed due to the excess of bacteria.

When Plaque builds up, we are unable to remove it through standard brushing and dental hygiene. Instead, it becomes thick and hard eating away at the connective tissue between your gums and teeth.

If this plaque buildup is caught early enough, we can avoid costly and painful surgeries. Depending on the advancement of your Periodontal Disease we can perform a cleaning procedure known as scaling and root planing.

As you know, proper dental hygiene is important. With early preventative steps, we can help you avoid an invasive and uncomfortable treatment option.

Our Treatment

As a non-surgical treatment, Scaling and Root Planing is a simple and effective solution for gum disease. This procedure can be done in our dentist’s office and only requires a mild numbing agent which reduces pain and discomfort.

Using the proper instruments and ultrasonic tools, our highly skilled hygienists can remove the plaque build-up. After the excess plaque is removed between the teeth and the gum, we will begin the restoration process.

Bacteria cause small pockets in the teeth. We use special tools to smooth these pockets repairing the damage. This will prevent further damage while encouraging healthy teeth.


Once the procedure is complete you must care for your teeth until they’ve healed completely. It is important to only eat soft foods for the first 48-72 hours after the procedure. Avoiding other substances like alcohol and tobacco will also prevent damage during the healing process.

Not only will follow-up visits allow for to continue to control the spread of gum disease, but it will also help us to monitor the healing of the pockets we discussed above. Post-care options are something that will be discussed during your appointment.

As you know, preventative care is the best way to prevent more painful and costly treatments. Give us a call so that we can begin to reverse the damages done by Periodontal Disease and prevent further issues.

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