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Get New Teeth With Same Day Dental Implants Or Teeth In A Day

With same day dental implants procedure or Teeth In A Day, patients with damaged, lost, or infected teeth receive a new tooth or teeth in a single sitting, thereby avoiding costly and time-consuming multiple dental visits. At First Dental Implant Center, we place durable and high-quality implants in the space of a day so that you can receive new healthy teeth and get back to your work and enjoy your personal life with confidence.

The traditional dental implant procedure requires between three to six months. The implant is placed, and while your customized new teeth are made, you wear a temporary restoration until the final replacement is ready. It can take up to six months to ensure complete healing and to ensure no gaps develop between your gum tissue and the implants.

But the latest advances in dental technology allow dentists to place an implant and execute the restoration with the final replacement bridge, crown, or dentures in a single day so that you can leave our clinic with new, healthy teeth and smile. In same day implants, you get a complete set: denture stabilization and replacement for a single tooth or multiple teeth – with no requirement to wear a temporary denture. As you don’t spend any time without a visible missing tooth or teeth, it is terrific your self-confidence and aesthetics.

Dr. Kaas is a well-qualified and leading Implantologist and provider of Same Day dental implants to the communities in San Fernando Valley, which he has served for more than two decades. A top dental implant specialist with proven expertise in Same Day implants and Teeth In A Day, Dr. Kass has advanced dental training and experience in treating complex teeth replacement other dental procedures. Be it same day dental implants or cosmetic dentistry procedures, Dr. Kass will help you attain your natural smile through healthy and long-lasting teeth at his First Dental Implant Center dental office where he has performed thousands of affordable, safe, and reliable same day dental implant procedures to replace unstable, failing, missing, or infected teeth.

Dr. Kass has a Doctorate in Dental Surgery from one of the oldest and prestigious dental schools in the US – Marquette University, Milwaukee. A recipient of mastership from the International Congress of Oral Implantology, Dr. Kass was awarded the highest status a dental practitioner can attain in a specialty, Diplomate of Implantology. He has published many dental research papers, actively participates in community activities like lecturing on oral health problems in schools, and also helps raise funds for countries that are disaster-hit. Besides Same Day dental implants, Dr. Kass also provides comprehensive dental services including All on 4® implants, Invisalign®, TMJ, veneers, Lumineers, extractions, fillings, endodontics, Inlays and Onlays, ZOOM! Whitening, bonding, root canal, gum disease treatment, bone grafting, crowns, braces, dentures, bridges, sleep apnea at First Dental Implant Center.

Get Implant Procedure Done In One Day

If you have failing or missing teeth, same dental implants or Teeth In A Day are a perfect tooth replacement solution. The procedure replaces teeth – be it multiple, full set, or a single tooth – permanently. Your new set of teeth function, appear and feel exactly like your natural teeth.

Before the development of the prevalent implant technique, placement of a dental implant required multiple dental visits. During these sittings, the dentist would place small titanium implants surgically and then let them heal over a few months. After the implants integrated with the gum and bone tissue, the dentist would attach the abutment and customized prosthetic tooth – with the procedure needing many months for completion.

But at the First Dental Implant Center, we reduce the duration of the procedure dramatically to as little as a day. At our clinic, Dr. Kass replaces your missing or decaying teeth with a permanent implant solution utilizing just one surgical procedure. He uses cutting-edge dental technology, including a high-resolution 3D CT scan and digital planning software, to plan and execute your dental implant treatment, including customizing and placing the final close-fitting restoration in just one sitting.

Benefits of Same Day Dental Implants

Immediate improvement in dental function, aesthetics, oral health, and confidence are the major benefits of dental implants when utilized as a teeth replacement dental solution.

Dentures, too, are a teeth replacement solution, but compared to dental implants, they can’t be removed and don’t fill the gap of your original teeth or tooth. Implants are effective in preventing periodontal disease and are an immediate and long-term solution to stop further worsening of your gum and bone tissue.

Same day dental implants and Teeth In A Day streamline a procedure, which in the past often took several months. Today, it can be completed in a one-day procedure and help you avoid the hassle of multiple dental visits, extra cost, and loss of time. The same day dental implant procedure is as effective as traditional implants, and with proper care can last a lifetime.

In case you or a member of your family has infected, missing, or failing teeth, and you want a dental solution as soon as possible, please call the First Dental Implant Center at 888-213-0009 to schedule your initial dental consultation with Dr. Kass. He, along with his experienced staff, will provide all the details about same day dental implants or Teeth In A Day.

Dr. Kass is a well-established and highly-qualified Implantologist with more than 20 years in the dental industry. He has placed thousands of same day dental implants with excellent results at his clinic First Dental Implant Center, which also offers dental services such as All-on-4® bridges, veneers, braces, dentures, and gum disease treatment.