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The All-on-4 Dental Implant Process?

Anyone having unstable, damaged, or missing teeth can greatly benefit from the innovative and efficient technique of All on 4® dental implants. As a lasting, dependable, and proven teeth replacement dental solution, All on 4® dental implants are a more permanent substitute for dentures, and a less damaging choice compared to dental bridges. Moreover, unlike dentures, the All on 4® dental implants are secured into your gums.

All on 4® implants give back your smile through a full set of natural-looking and attractive teeth that are so sturdily affixed that you can eat all your favorite foods and smile with confidence on the same day of the procedure. The dental implants are almost pain-free, and you can be on your way from our dental office with a full set of teeth in just one dental sitting!

What’s The All on 4 Dental Implant System?

In an All on 4® dental implant procedure, four implants in your upper arch or teeth and four in the lower arch or teeth can potentially help replace ALL your teeth.

The All on 4® dental implant system is different from traditional implants. In All on 4®, just four implants are inserted, per arch, into your gums at an angle – instead of an implant for each missing tooth as in traditional implants. The tilted technique – placement at an angle – enables patients with even minimal jaw bone to need less bone grafting work before the placement of the implants.

Due to the greater bone-to-implant contact, All on 4® implants can be utilized on the bone with height as low as 10 mm on the lower or upper jawbone. In many cases, this eliminates the requirement for complicated and costly bone grafting procedures. Moreover, as there are only four implants, the dental procedure costs less, and the recovery time is faster compared to traditional implants.

One of the most significant advantages of All on 4® dental implants is immediate results, enabling patients to return to normalcy in dental function and appearance in just one day!

While traditional dental implant procedures needed one year or more of healing time, with All on 4® dental implants, you can leave our office on the day you receive a temporary set of implant-supported teeth while your new customized prosthetic teeth get designed. And once your implants undergo the required healing period to bond with your jawbone and gum completely, our dentist places your new permanent prosthetic teeth within 3-6 months.

Major Benefits Of All on 4® Dental Implants

  • Permanent And Lasting Results
  • Don’t Involve Frustrating Use Of Removable Appliances
  • Rapid Recovery
  • Bone Grafting Not Needed Most Of The Time
  • Easy To Care For And Maintain Oral Hygiene
  • Eat What You Like
  • Improve Quality Of Life
  • Speak Confidently

The All on 4® Dental Implant Procedure?

Placing the All on 4® implants begins with an initial dental consultation in which Dr. Kass and his well-experienced and certified dental team conduct a comprehensive oral examination, collects vital dental health information, and responds to questions and doubts related to the procedure and the teeth restoration plan.

We also note your medical and dental history and carry out a CAT scan to get a detailed picture of the existing condition of your jaw structure, gums, and teeth. The patient also goes over issues such as fees and dental insurance coverage of the procedure.

Once the dental examination is complete, and Dr. Kass has clarified all your queries, a date for surgery is set for placing the All on 4® implants and the temporary prosthetics in the comfort of our welcoming dental office. Certified lab technicians design your final prosthetic replacement carefully. The prosthetic will appear, feel, and function exactly like your natural teeth. Finally, Dr. Kass will determine if complete healing has taken place, and the implants are completely integrated with your jaw and gums, and only then fix your permanent set of teeth into place.

Advantages Of Teeth In A Day

All on 4® dental implants offer possibilities of Teeth In A Day and ‘same day’ dental implants – both of which provide the following advantages to a patient who wants the least stoppage and inconvenience in dental function and daily living following a procedure.

  • Immediate Implant Placement
  • Temporary Appliances Not Required
  • Patient Not Without Teeth Post-Extraction
  • There’s No Waiting Period

At First Dental Implant Center, we offer the revolutionary teeth replacement solution of All on 4® dental implants, which can be an ideal treatment technique to address missing, infected, or failing teeth, and offer a far more permanent alternative to dentures. It’s a single-day teeth replacement solution that frees you to eat your favorite food soon after your procedure – just like you did with your natural set of healthy teeth.

To know how you can save time and money compared to alternate non-permanent teeth replacement options while protecting the health of gums, teeth, and bone for a long time, please call the First Dental Implant Center at 888-213-0009 to schedule your initial dental consultation with Dr. Kass. Dr. Kass is a highly-experienced and qualified Implantologist with more than 20 years of experience in placing All on 4® dental implants. He and his dental team also offer dental services such as Teeth In A Day, bridges, braces, crowns, dentures, Inlays and Onlays, and Invisalign®.

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